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First Class was this past Sunday on March 16th

Note from admin: I apologize for not posting this sooner.  The class started this past Sunday and while this may be the first time you have heard this there will be more opportunities in the future.

A note about the first class from Mr. Rojas:

First class was really animated with a full studio. It is kind of fascinating to me how just about everyone has an innate sense of aesthetic. The improvements that are to be made by taking the course define each student's personal idiosyncrasies.

We established a general idea as to goals and personal intents. How the new knowledge benefits expression through the use of line and shading in drawing. We explored whimsical imaginative drawing, with beautiful result. Our first academic type drawing session required the students to have more observation and rendering accuracy than normally due to my choice in subject displayed subtleties and challenges in figure/background relation.

For a breather, we had a Mandala drawing session. This gave everyone a change in approach, more internal. Also generated vivacious conversation on the positive effects of art practice. We touched on how important is to enjoy the process. How posture and breathing affects the artist rendition. The flow from mind, to hand to paper.

For me revisiting fundamental principles with this variegated group is honoring the science withing the art. I look forward to see how the group develops a project of their choice through the next seven weeks.

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