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The Simon Bolivar Painting Will be on Display in Bailey's Harbor

The painting of Simon Bolivar will be on display in Bailey's Harbor this summer.

The final version of Simon Bolivar, well detailed and subtle light adjustments, color balancing. The piece's next place of exhibition is baileys harbor portraiture show this Summer. I am glad to have a sample of a classical oil military portrait. Not only do I get to display a rare rendition in the Peninsula, but this painting keeps providing a cultural and educational opening to inform my town and beyond about my origins and the history of the part of the world I was born.

The Millenium gallery in Chicago also wants the painting back. Giving the diversity of cultural backgrounds there, it makes sense to have it shown again.

Where and When to See this Stunning Portrait:

Door Prize for Portraiture 2014 June 27- July 26.

At Chez Cheryl Art Space Reception for artists and their friends on Thursday, June 26, 5:30 to 8 pm.

Below is a link to the Hi-Res version of the painting.  It's over 100 megs.

Simon Bolivar Hi-Res Painting

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